YASASIN, “Sparkling Wine”

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Yaşasın Sailing Boat Project

Vinkara’s guiding philosophy is to introduce and build awareness of indigenous Anatolian grapes and their unique tastes to the world by making wines that are ideally suited to their sites, soils and climate.

To highlight this vision in the winter of 2011, Vinkara introduced a sparkling wine called “Yaşasın”, which means “long live” and it was an instant success. Most importantly and a first in Turkey, Yaşasın is produced with the “traditional champagne” as blanc de noir method using an indeginous red grape “Kalecik Karası”.

In a very short period of time, Yaşasın has received accolades from not only local sommeliers and wine critics, but those on the international level as well.

In 2012 and in 2013 Yaşasın won silver medals from the one and only sparkling wine competition “Effervescents du Monde”. Vinkara now carries this mission to the sports world with its new Orma 60 sailing boat namely Yaşasın.
The journey with Yaşasın will continue to attract attention to Turkey and Anatolian grapes.

About Vinkara

Established in Kalecik Karası, Ankara in 2003, Vinkara Vineyards introduced their first wines to the market in late 2009 and are producers of top quality wines using local and international grapes that are cultivated at their vineyards and production facilities located on 420 acres of land.
In a very short period oftime, Vinkara has accumulated numerous domestic and international awards and Signor Marco Monchiero, a consultant in viticulture and oenology has been Vinkara’s consultant since 2008.
Vinkara has assembled a multi-national team, led by an oenologist, Marco Monchiero, who shares a respect for the land and deep-rooted passion for working with local varieties.
Unhindered by international grape trends, Vinkara has introduced undiscovered wines to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.


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